Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday morning i'm going 2 DEFEAT Penang Hill v some rakan muda dudes, jua, siew hui, jac n von... we was rejoicing that luckily ying ying nt following us go hiking...cuz sure she can't make it...( ying ying dun angry ya).. if she's going sure we have 2 in turn 2 carry her up there..
the gods like wanna challege us n starting to spitting it's saliva on us...
luckily my immunity system is superticious...
so my 龙体 still 安康..
we embark at 9.30 am, reach the top of hill at about 2 sumthing..
n luckily those dudes let us descending the mountain by cable car..
this was my first time...(so embarrese)
go to Penang Hill..
At about 3 sumthing we have reach "FLAT LAND"
thn the coolest things happen..
we are going back by a vehicle that specially use to carry those criminal....
龙帮 use on it ald..
along the journey going back to youth park( the starting point) n to top of Penang Hill..
those dudes keeping on singing 香水有毒 this song with FREAKY pelley xiang n ting..
thn the whole lorry full of their annoying n freaky sounds..hahaha..
The conclusion is I've DEFEATED PENAG HILL~
what else i can't defeat in this world..
I've to proudly n thick-facely n said

After that me,jua,jac,n LSY was goin to gurney to have a gathering with my lovely jua that almost leave us... (sobs..sobs)
thn after that i should be going to 宝誉堂 as i taught few days b4..
bt i'm too i din go 2 宝誉堂 but following Juanna go to watch GANG SHOW 2009..
because jua said lee vry nice person sure cn ftc me back, so i followed her..
if i go 宝誉堂 sure vry late to go home,so i better follow jua..
whn we reach thr we hv mat..we hv saw many inconceivable person tht probably nt to appear ther..lyk mogan, elvin, eugene, n a guy tht juz nw hiking, kai xian n more...
thn my 4th idol after lee hom, crocodile, 曹格 n周星驰..

it is her...

ying xuan 2 blck de..can't see her at all..hehehee..

oh my goodness~ she's damn cute!!
hw come she cute than me!!

he is a girl who is 10 years old frm SJK (C) PEI SHIN..
her sound is like an angels...
she ply hoola-hoop n sing in this competiton..
so far so geng as she ..
she summore invited to a TV programme by 黄一飞..
if i'm artist manager i sure sign her ...
walao!!!! i'm so lucky..

OMG... me n jua sumre get her autograph~

Finally yik ying won first prize in this competition..YAHUU~

If she does't get it i sure complain n burn the hall...

n screw the judges up..

ok..i'm continue to ply crazy taxi..

so that siew hui n von can't won me forever n ever!!!!


~no 龙帮,no life~

Thursday, June 18, 2009

COME IF YOU CAN!!! Especially 4 U VON

Miss Yvonne Leong ~
I've a bad news to tell you...
I've break your record MAN!!!!
nothing lar~
juz shows that how brilliant am I nia~
don't praise me k...

i'm use on it ald...

High Score records for your friends
Grace Choong
63221 pts
Lim Zen Pin
62749 pts
JHk Khoo
59166 pts
Ah Von
55630 pts
Juanna Beh Jen Ann
54232 pts
Mei Jie
50421 pts
Jeff Ong Chun Tze
49578 pts
Tai Lihui
18915 pts...

you know what i'm saying..yea~
i've told u everything is under my control~
wins always belong to me...
hope u cn feel it someday..

~no龙帮 , no life~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


because of this PERSON>

i've create a blog...

to view her blog.

i know this dicker must be very proud eh~

I know 1.

I know everything!!!!!

just no chat with my lovely ying ying...

she's doing her presentation with her bad temper


because got 1 BITCH*#%$@!!

make my darling angry,

ying ying don't worry k....

i'll call ah seng, ah heng, n ah keong 2 settle him

^don't suspect that's the bitch..

i'll burn this bitch eh dog's house...
n delete her presentation k..
really dont worry...
everything is under my control...
my leg, hand n waist vry "sour" lor...
lyk driving lorry ane..
kana difficult mayb i'm mre comfort and suitable to drive helicopter...
motor lagi fail wor...
hw FASHION i am...
by the way
everything still under my control.
~no龙帮 , no life~